The BankTech web application and user interface

The BankTech console is a React Web Application with a simple user interface for our payment platform's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It enables your organisation to view and manage all your mandates, collections and verifications data in one convenient online location.


In order to gain access to the console, you must request access and register with BankTech. An account administrator from your organisation will be given access first. Thereafter they can invite other users from within the console's Users view. If your company is registered with BankTech and you would like become a user, contact your account administrator directly or get in touch with our support team.

Registered users can access the console here‚Äč


The console allows various permissions for different types of user roles. These access levels can be preconfigured and control the visibility and/or functionality of certain features. In this way you can implement simple maker/checker and approval systems. This also allows you for example to control which user roles have access to sensitive financial information and/or manage collections strategy.

If your team requires console training, please contact your BankTech account manager to set up a guided tour and get tips on how to use it's features to your benefit.