Result types

Each acquiring bank has its own result descriptions for each collection instrument outcome. Similarly, for authentication attempts and verification attempts. Despite these all being based on a common Bankserv schema, this can get a bit complicated. So BankTech standardises all result codes to help you keep track of your results in a simple and cohesive manner even when using multiple acquiring banks.

The result classification approach is outlined below:

  • Collection result code (the lowest level of result detail)

  • Collection result type (a result code group)

  • Authentication result type (a result code group)

  • Verification result type (a result code group)

Collection result types:

  • Paid (successful)

  • Unpaid (unsuccessful)

  • Failed (could not be processed)

  • Disputed (reported and refunded)

  • Recalled (reversed processing)

  • Info (interim status updates)

Authentication result types:

  • Accepted (successful)

  • Declined (unsuccessful)

  • Expired (time-out)

  • Failed (could not be processed)

Verification result types:

  • Verified (successful)

  • Partial (partially successful)

  • Unknown (unable to verify)

  • Failed (could not be processed)