Tenancy options

If you process small volumes on the SmartBanking model, you probably don't need to concearn yourself with tenancy options. BankTech accounts are by default created as multi-tenanted solutions, unless single-tenancy is specifically requested in advance. Clients meeting our volume threshold have the option to upgrade to single-tenancy for free. We can transfer your BankTech account from multi to single tenancy overnight with a few days notice if you grow into needing it.


Multi-tenancy means that a single instance of the software and its supporting infrastructure serves multiple customers. Each customer shares the software application and also shares a single database. Each tenant's data is isolated and remains invisible to other tenants. BankTech reserves the right to partition, shard and distribute databases horizontally to manage multi-tenancy volumes for all multi-tenanted accounts - but don't worry you won't notice.


If you process over 250k payment transactions a month, you probably have critical systems that require maximum privacy and resiliency. BankTech provides single-tenancy solutions that replicate a private instance of our services just for your account. You will still enjoy the current version of our software, but all the infrastructure your transactions run on will be dedicated to you to eliminate congestion and contagion risks that come with sharing infrastructure with other users.

Single-tenancy also offers the opportunity to have your own vanity domain displayed: mycompany.app.bank.tech (production) mycompany.app.sandbox.bank.tech (sandbox)

Single-tenant clients who are on the Enterprise support package are also able to be the first to see new versions of our software in their Sandbox environment before it is deployed to production. This gives single-tenant clients the opportunity to perform User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Systems Integration Testing (SIT) with us to confirm the stability of the build. It also provides single-tenant clients with the ability to give us feedback directly and play a large part in shaping our roadmap.

Typical single-tenant architecture solution:



BankTech API


Identity & security services


BankTech web app (the console)


Payments engines


Bank integrations


Transaction data


Partner integrations