All of BankTech's services are hosted on Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure. This provides us with the power and flexibility we need to scale our services horizontally and vertically as needed and maintain the highest level of uptime and quality of service. Our services are hosted in Northern Europe by default, but regional network issues can occur causing disruptions to service. For large volume processing that requires maximum resiliency, we also offer geo-redundant solutions.

Geo-redundancy refers to the physical separation of data centres that span multiple geographic locations. The reasoning behind building out a large, geographical network, is that it provides resiliency against natural disasters, wars, catastrophic events or glitches that cause network outages. When these events occur, our services can "hot-swop" over to another region to resume service with the minimal downtime possible. In most cases, this can be within as little as 15 minutes.

Geo-redundancy strategies may incorporate just one, or multiple, regions with failover preferences. Whatever your redundancy needs are, we should be able to meet them.

BankTech prefers geo-redundancy in regions that are part of the Safe-Harbor protocol and are non-NATO countries. Thus Northern Europe was chosen as our preferred region for primary instances. We also prefer not to use North American or East Asian regions for the same reasoning, but these regional solutions can be provided in exceptional circumstances or non-critical purposes. Latency can also be a major consideration, so our preferences for regions are:

  1. Northern Europe (primary)

  2. South Africa North (for internal resources)

  3. South Africa West (in-country failover)

  4. Western Europe (in-region failover)

  5. Japan East (inter-continental failover)

Additional regions available on application*:

  • Asia Southeast

  • Australia East

  • Europe North

  • France Central

  • UK South

* Additional fees may apply