2021 version of the BankTech Platform

2021.1.3 (April 2021)


  • Various DebiCheck migration functions to enable clients

  • Additional improvements to the BankTech Console Dashboard

  • Additional reporting of key KPIs:

    • Monthly Recurring Revenue

    • Debtor Age Analysis

    • Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Better synchronisation of the Analytics services

  • Additional monitors on the Absa result services

  • Add validation monitors on the Standard Bank and Nedbank submission services


  • Various styling and cosmetics

  • File download restrictions to Excel maximum lines

  • Call Centre portal redirect errors

2021.1.2 (March 2021)


  • Added the ability to add Accounting and General Ledger references to enable easy reconciliation.

  • Additional columns to the file downloads

  • Expanded error forecasting capability

  • EFT, NAEDO validations added for automation rules

  • Tracking now available in Automation of NAEDOs and DebiChecks

  • Bank Account verification no longer a CDV-check, but now a full AVSR service


  • Some improvements to the Automation function

  • Improvement to the EFT processing date handling

  • Better result description codes

2021.1.1 (February 2021)


  • Introducing workflow automation of collection strategy in the new function: Automation

  • Increased security and credential management


  • Various bugs from version 2020.1