Public release of the BankTech Platform

2020.1.2 (February 2021)


  • BankTech API

    • Collection list filters renamed (startDate and endDate)

    • Change method descriptions for /mandate and /collection verification methods


  • BankTech API

    • CollectionIdentification field renamed

    • ClientSegment field renamed

    • Bulk endpoint naming convention for verification services

  • BankTech App

    • Lock icon removed

    • Error page updated to only show for >= 500 errors


  • BankTech App

    • Updated 2FA error handling

    • Removed duplicate column in collections

2020.1.1 (January 2021)


  • Changes to the BankTech Console login and password reset process

  • Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • New Dashboard charts and tiles

  • Sort, filter, search and column options on mandate-, collection-, billing- and user tables

  • Manual form for creating mandates and collections

  • POPIA compliant data masking

  • Form for adding manual IDV and AVSR

  • Bulk editing of IDV and AVSR

  • Billing codes view

  • Future Invoicing table

  • Manual collections using future invoicing

  • Pre-approved mandates

  • Auto EFT service types

  • Auto action date adjustments

  • Auto adjustment of Sundays/Public holidays

  • Minimum and maximum transaction values for submission

  • New Verification API methods


  • Updates billing codes


  • Improved file download functionality

  • Approving/un-approving collections

  • Approval cut off rules and offsets

  • Deleting mandates/collections

Known Issues

  • 2FA with incorrect code could cause a 500 error in some cases

  • Some Dashboard KPIs rendering could be improved

  • Some sorting functionality do not work on certain user browsers

  • Bulk editing of mandates and collections due to data masking

2020.1.0 (October 2020)


  • All the basic authentication, mandate, collection, verification, future invoicing and banking methods

  • The first version of the console including dashboard, mandates, collections, bank profiles and users.

  • ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank EFT, NAEDO and DebiCheck collections

  • AVSR, CDV and IDV verification methods and mandate verification statuses

  • Product documentation

  • Two-factor authentication for users of the console

  • Mandate collection automation

  • ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank DebiCheck TT1, TT2 and NAEDO migration authentications

  • Additional verification methods for FinTechs

  • Masking of sensitive information in the console

  • The ability to amend mandate statuses in the console

  • The ability to request early submission of collections

  • The ability to use default early submission for collections

  • The ability to download data in the file upload format

  • The ability to manually trigger account validation (CDV)

  • A tracking collection status tab to the collections view


  • The phone number format is now standardised in format 27123456789

  • Collection results are now ordered by recency on result date through our API

  • We now manage EFT service types to save money

  • We now bump un-submitted collection action dates forward if needed

  • The users view is now sorted by user status tabs


Don't see what you want on our roadmap? Let us know and we will give you feedback on when that feature may become available and let you know when it does.