Value proposition

BankTech is a platform of interoperable systems for the processing of financial transactions, data requests and communications. While most of our systems are oriented around meeting the needs of the commercial payments industry, BankTech can also be leveraged in innovative ways in the design, build, launch and scaling of your financial technology solution.

By connecting our clients to our payment network we provide them with a simple, secure, stable, scalable and standardised interface to meet various payments needs. Our teams help our customers get started with payments, implement technical solutions, launch businesses and provide processing support. We also help our clients enrich their data and leverage it to improve profitability.

Processing through BankTech provides clients with the ability to process payments to ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank and from all issuing banks though Bankserv. It also grants them access to data services to help verify the identity and account details of their customers to improve success rates. BankTech is also fully DebiCheck-ready, with migration and various authentication services.

Paytec Services (Pty) Ltd. trading as BankTech is a Payments Association of South Africa (PASA) registered SO and TPPP. We are also a member of the Payment System Stakeholder Forum (PSSF) and interested in building more forums for the advancement of payments.

We strive to create a marketplace platform for Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) offerings that can combine the stability and strength of banks with the agility and customer-centricity of FinTechs to deliver superior customer experiences and future-proofed business models. BaaS enables embedded finance, creating new growth and sticky revenue opportunities for players that act fast to respond to market drivers.

While net interest margins have fallen, banks have watched FinTechs enjoy explosive growth in transactional processing. Instead of seeing this as a threat that requires a direct competition response that could miss the mark, banks can also get back in and ahead of the game rapidly by leveraging existing assets in partnerships with FinTechs to deliver embedded finance solutions.

White labelling and reseller models are made available to approved partners to increase our payment network size and capabilities. We believe in the power of networks to create new possibilities, unblock opportunities to solve the truly difficult problems and create exciting business models. In doing so, our first priority is to create mutually beneficial and stable business relationships.