Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are often low-tech businesses looking to process smaller volumes on an ad hoc basis. These types of needs can be met simply by using the BankTech console to manually capture ad hoc collections and upload batch files for processing. Many SMEs do not require recurring payments processing or may want to enable recurring payments in only a few cases.

Since our solution for SMEs requires little to no technical effort to get started and can be run entirely by one person (e.g. a clerk or owner), it is a fast way to earn revenue from day one. As the business grows and needs change, more complex solutions can be explored and implemented, either by adding existing BankTech services or bespoke development with an MVP approach.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) help you discover what really matters so you can avoid wasting time, money and effort on what you thought might matter. Start fast, test early, fail small and deal with problems while you learn so that your time and money makes an impact with the least wasted effort.

In cases where recurring payments are not required, no mandates need to be registered unless the intention is to run the collections as DebiCheck mandates. In that case, either a mandate must be registered and authenticated through BankTech or the DebiCheck authentication key must be presented in ad hoc collection creation by either manual capture or collections file upload.

Created transactions can be manually approved by a suitably authorised user or may be pre-approved for recurring payments for all or specific needs.

Typical solution

Typical scope

  • Collections

  • DebiCheck authentications

  • Verifications

Typical requirements

  • SmartBanking (TPPP model)

  • Multi-tenancy

  • User guide

  • File upload template

  • File upload data dictionary