Ecommerce businesses are often high-tech shops that process smaller volumes on an ad hoc basis. This requirement can be met by using the BankTech API to integrate their online checkout process, mobile app or other systems with our payments engines. Many ecommerce firms require simple ad hoc payments and may want to perform recurring payments from time to time.

Recurring payment creation can be automated for all or some needs. In cases where recurring payments are not required, no mandates need to be registered unless the intention is to run the payments as DebiCheck collections. In that case, either a mandate must be registered and authenticated through BankTech or the DebiCheck authentication key must be presented in ad hoc collection creation.

Created payments can be manually approved by a suitably authorised user or may be pre-approved for recurring payment for all or specific needs.

Typical solution

Typical scope

  • Mandates

  • Collections

  • DebiCheck authentications

  • Verification

Typical requirements

  • SmartBanking (TPPP model)

  • Multi-tenancy

  • Developer guide

  • API keys