We are excited for you to get your transactions processing. However, there are a couple of things you should make sure are done before you decide to "go-live". This will help you better plan your project and manage expectations so that your launch is as smooth as possible. We also reserve the right to decline a go-live request if you are obviously not ready or doing so might introduce risk into the payments system.

Basic manual solutions on an established SO or new SmartBanking model can accomplish the minimum go-live checklist items in under 2 weeks. The need to procure new or modify existing bank profiles on the SO model may add significant time to the go-live schedule depending on acquiring bank and PASA support. We recommend you start speaking to your bankers sooner rather than later to sort these out.

It is always much easier to explain to your stakeholders and teams why you can go-live earlier than expected than to explain why you are going-live late!

Good project managers not only plan the activities and timelines of their project, but they allow for budget contingency and float (slack) in their project plan too. Estimating your go-live date should always contain healthy room for error and you should not place any hard dependencies on that final milestone if they can be avoided.

Minimum items

Banking accounts

  • Consult with your relationship banker

  • Consult with your transactional banking specialist

  • Procure or modify nominated and charges accounts

  • Procure or modify bank profiles, if SO model

  • Raise a host to host change request, if SO model

  • Request a billing code and short name, if SmartBanking model

BankTech commercial agreements

  • Master Services Agreement (MSA)

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

  • Debit order abuse declaration

BankTech account

  • Speak with a Sales and Account Manager

  • Get access to a Sandbox BankTech account

  • Reference the user guide

  • Invite your team members to BankTech

  • Configure your environment and users

  • Request a "go-live" slot

  • Get access to your Production BankTech account

Additional items

Every software project is different and their costs and durations can vary widely depending on the scope and complexity of the project. If your project is time-sensitive, it is vital that you take the time to properly assess the scope and complexity of your project. Lighter projects can accomplish the additional go-live checklist items in under 2 weeks while heavier projects can take over 3 months or more.

Systems development

  • Get Sandbox API keys

  • Reference the developer guide

  • Try out a few methods to see how our service works

  • Consult with our Software Engineers

  • Plan your integration project

  • Design your technical solution

  • Build your technical solution

  • Test your technical solution

  • Deploy your technical solution

Systems integration

  • Complete the basic test cases

  • Complete other relevant test cases

  • Schedule an SIT session with us

  • Get feedback on your test cases

  • Resolve any test case issues and failures

Penny testing

  • Request penny test collections

  • Confirm penny test acceptance

  • Request a "go-live" slot

  • Get Production API keys