API access

To begin development you will need API keys to the BankTech Sandbox API which can be requested by signing up for an account through our public website or by contacting our support team if you already have an account. API keys are issued per environment and per user.


  • Sandbox (for development, testing and demonstration)

  • Production (for live instructions)

The Sandbox environment allows users to utilise all of our services, subject to fair usage policy, and obtain simulated collection and live verification and authentication results. These Sandbox services are normally provided free of charge to new users with API keys looking to get to know our product.

API keys:

  • ClientKey: the system-assigned private identifier for your user account

  • ClientSecret: the system-assigned private password

You can also request to have a service user created for the purposes of issuing an API key that is not associated with a real person and instead represents your organisation's integration solution's services and workers. For example, one could create a separate service user for various departments or entities.

It is critical that you do not disclose your ClientKey or ClientSecret to anyone – even those in your own organisation. Please don't include it in emails or other communication to us either. If you have inadvertently exposed your API keys, please get in touch with our support team so that we can verify your identity and reissue your credentials to keep your account safe.

To use our API, you will need to authenticate yourself by using your API key to obtain a token. You must have a valid token to make requests. Tokens are valid for a 15 minutes. They can be extended before expiry, otherwise a new token must be created.

The quickest way to get started is to explore the rest of the developer guide to familiarise yourself with the major feature workflows. Thereafter you can simply visit the Sandbox environment's Swagger page to authenticate yourself, obtain a token and try out some of our methods.

Click "Try it Out", enter your API KeyID and KeySecret and click "Execute"

If you have entered your details correctly, you should have a 200 (successful) status code response and a token issued to you as part of the response. You can now authorise yourself with this token, but keep in mind it will expire in 15-minutes and you may need to refresh the token's expiry or get a new token.

Hit the Authorise button
Enter your token here as "bearer [token]" and hit Authorise

If this token was correctly entered, you are now authorised and can use our methods. Happy exploring!